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At SpinKICK we live to create interactive computer entertainment that we enjoy. We are game development experts - both artistically and technically. Lots of our work is presently under wraps for projects in development - but here's some we have been kindly allowed to share with you.

Junk Arena (SpinKICK)

Character design / Concept / Illustration

World Building (For Beatnik Games)

Concept / Illustration

Tree Creature (For Beatnik Games)

3d models / Character design


We typically only provide external services in conjunction with and for our preferred partner companies. However if you do have a project that you feel may interest us we are always willing to discuss the right kind of opportunities. Please note we do not undertake projects without adequate secured funding.

Video Game Development

We create video games and the technology they require, and have done for some time. Our vocation is to craft experiences that are remembered for all the right reasons.

Concept Art

We love being involved at the start of new worlds, as explorers tasked to bring the abstract to fruition as a tangible experience.

3D Art & Animation

We sculpt faithfully close to concept. We are experienced with low and modern optimised high polygon workflows and the concept of physically plausible albedo, normal, and roughness maps.


We occasionally offer consultation services regarding game development in both the Eastern & Western markets.

Creativity takes courage

- Henri Matisse -


Want to say hello? Want to know more about us or what we do? Drop us a message and we will get back to you as soon as we can.